Sales management platform

Isoratec® comes with a smart mobile app tracker. It seamlessly integrates your daily sales tasks.

Sales platform backed by 20 + years of healthcare experience

Developed by technology experts with over 20 years of experience in the medical home healthcare and infusion therapy fields , Isoratec®  gives you control over every aspect of your sales strategy. It automates your process, helping you succeed by concentrating all information in one place.

  • Mission

    To be the reference for a simple, powerful and affordable sales CRM. We aspire to help our clients grow their businesses through our experienced team with the option of personalizing the solution to their specific needs.

  • Vision

    To continuously use the latest technologies, share the brightest ideas  and empower our team so that we serve our customers with integrity and the highest standards of excellence.


    We relied on our extensive home care and infusion thearpy experience to make it simple for you. Isoratec® is all about the power of simplicity!


    Isoratec ® is safely hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud. You can choose to host it on your own server for an extra fee.


    We will quickly set you up and will not charge you for it.


    We commit to answer your questions within a business day free of charge.

Designed for you

  • Work offline with the iOS mobile app tracker
  • See all information in the "all in one"calendar
  • Access CMS data
  • Personalize to your specific needs
  • Store your data safely on AWS or on your server
  • Use the embedded tutorials in tooltips and videos

We found that it lives up to its claim to be "simple yet powerful." Tim Rowan, Editor, The Rowan Technology Report

About Us

A strong team

We are a team of healthcare industry experts and a skilled group of software programmers and managers, all with an impressive track record in software development, home care management, and passion for service.

A strong solution

Our CRM comes as a result of our success in our unique comprehensive solution to manage our medical home health care business. It can be used for any business.

A "simple" promise

"Simplicity" is the result of high expertise and clear understanding. Beyond our slogan, we are constantly simplifying processes to help you stay on top of things.

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

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