Marketing is the name of the game if you want to get home health care referrals; for without it you will struggle to let people know about your home care or hospice agency. There are many facets to home health marketing that we won’t discuss here, instead we will focus on building brand pillars. To “build” a brand you need solid “pillars” that will sustain the test of time, very much like building a house needs good foundations. Think of what you do best, what you stand for, your values, specialization, services, technology and carefully chose your pillars. Then use them everywhere you can from your website, to your brochures and your internal documents. You will not be able to grow your home care agency properly without a clear vision about a home health or hospice agency marketing based on solid pllars. Once your pillars clearly defined, your can proceed with your marketing plan that should be in line with your brand pillars. Click below for the full article.