Marketing and excellent service are key to succeeding in your business.

Nowadays, a lot of marketing has gone digital by using social platforms, SEO optimization, paid ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and targeted emails. As such, a lot of money is being spent by home health and hospice agencies on digital marketing.

As a sales accelerator, Isoratec CRM has identified the need to embed a practical and efficient free email marketing feature in its solution to help agencies market their services at absolutely no cost.

As a result, users can send emails with attachments from their desktop to a single contact, a select group of contacts or to an entire contacts list using an agency’s own email server and a chosen “from” email address ( Email recipients can then reply to the above email address. By doing so, Isoratec CRM has saved agencies precious money usually spent on sophisticated email software billed at an average rate of $100/month. Imagine the savings!

That’s not all. By having the email feature integrated within our CRM, users can immediately send important emails after being in touch with referral sources, all within one place. Using our mobile app, sales people can also send emails to specific contacts to follow up immediately on a task, saving them the wasted time of having to use another email platform and perhaps by doing so, forgetting to email a few contacts.

When we were designing Isoratec CRM we wanted agencies to accelerate their sales while saving on email marketing and on mileage expenses.

Mission accomplished and thanks to Isoratec, agencies can now afford to grow their business with a specialized CRM and without breaking the bank.

Happy efficient selling!

About the author

Tony Onaissi is the president and CEO of Isoratec, a CRM combined with business intelligence for the post-acute care industry.  Utilizing more than 25 years of home care experience he created Isoratec to be the ideal solution for agencies serving the home care market.  Tony can be reached at