Mesothelioma hope

What Is Mesothelioma Home Care?Home care for mesothelioma allows professionals to address your health care needs, taking some of the burden off of you and your loved ones.A home caregiver (such as a nurse) can help with daily tasks like getting dressed and even administer some cancer treatments like chemotherapy.Other mesothelioma home care duties may include:
  • – Bathing- Cleaning and home maintenance- Driving to appointments- Helping with finances- Offering companionship and emotional support- Planning meals and feeding- Scheduling appointments
  • There are in-home caregiving services available for patients diagnosed with early- or late-stage mesothelioma.There are also resources to help you cover the costs of home care for mesothelioma. Contact us to learn more about mesothelioma home care and how to pay for it.  

    Benefits of Home Care for Mesothelioma PatientsHome care for mesothelioma can help you:
    • Manage your cancer treatments: For example, if you must take daily chemotherapy drugs, a nurse can make sure you do so.
    • Avoid treatment complications: It may take several weeks or months to recover from a major mesothelioma treatment like surgery once you’re discharged from the hospital. In-home nurses and therapists can help you gain your strength back and avoid possible complications in the process.
    • Feel less alone: Life after a mesothelioma diagnosis can be isolating and scary, especially if loved ones or family live far away. Home caregivers can provide companionship and ease this sense of loneliness.

    Hiring in-home care services can also take some of the caregiving responsibilities from your loved ones and allow them to recharge. Click here to access the Mesothelioma hope website.