In my previous article, we showed how important CRMs are to organize and optimize the sales process of home healthcare and hospice agencies. Simply put, you need a CRM especially if you have a sales team targeting your referral sources for home healthcare such as doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.

 That is why in 2018, we decided to build a specialized Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for home care, home health and hospice, based on our 24 years of experience in the field. Our aim was to create an affordable software to get referrals for home healthcare and hospice and optimize marketing for home health. Thanks to a fantastic team of post-acute care experts and software engineers your sales people can now outperform the competition with Isoratec CRM, our unique patient referral management system, helping you get new leads, implement your hospice and home health care marketing strategy and increase overall home healthcare sales. Here are some key functionalities of Isoratec CRM to get you more referrals: Track your home care marketers progress (offline/online versions): Our easy to use and simple mobile app lets your sales team log in any activity in the field and send emails to their contacts. The app shows by GPS the nearby locations of any contacts to optimize the travel journey of your rep and displays the home health marketer’s work-related trips on Google Maps. The system then automatically computes the mileage expense associated with a given trip and allows the user to capture any other expense by taking photos of receipts. The iOS mobile app works offline from any basement or remote area without internet. Our web app uses internet but works from any iOS, Android or Windows phone. Get Medicare Physician Referral Data: Isoratec CRM comes with the latest published referral source Medicare utilization data by physicians in your area to target your marketing and get more referrals from doctors. Our team will import this data into your account complimentary of Isoratec to let you target your referral sources for home healthcare and/or hospice. Use PDGM Intake Admissions Forms: We make complying with PDGM easy thanks to our especially designed forms that take into account what is needed by PDGM to optimize reimbursement. This will help you grow your home healthcare sales and optimize your cashflow. Grade your home health marketers: Unique to Isoratec, our sales report card grades your home care marketers on multiple criteria letting you know on the spot who is a top performer home health or hospice sales person and who is not. Grades are earned based on visits, calls or emails to home care referral sources, on actual home care referrals that the rep brings in and can be lost if your sales person misses a task. Use it to sit down with your reps to improve their sales process in order to generate more referrals. The fact that all reps see the Sales Report Card ignites a healthy inter-office competition. Multiple dashboards to keep you informed: Smart dashboards display the data a specific team should see so they stay informed of key parameters. You can customize your dashboard depending on the “role” assigned to each user in order to have up to date data on the most important KPIs to manage your business. Use different languages: You can have different persons use our CRM in other languages. This is great If you work in a multi-cultural area. Isoratec will translate all fields into a given language and assign it to a user, while other users utilize the main/other language.  Market your home health agency: Thanks to our built-in email system, you can send emails with an attachment to your contacts. Send emails to one contact, a select group of contacts or all your contacts to market your home healthcare or hospice agency. Compute Automatic Commissions: Give financial incentives to your home care marketers and ignite your referrals. Isoratec CRM will compute the commissions automatically and will show the earned commissions on your reps’ mobile app, the minute it is calculated so that your rep has an incentive going forward to get you more and more referrals. Follow up on your marketer’s tasks: Import, add and manage your home health referral sources. Organize appointments and tasks to optimize your referral strategy all within one calendar screen and see your sales grow. Link your referral sources: Set parent-child relationships between your contacts such as linking doctors to a hospital. Know all patient referrals from that hospital and per doctor specialty. Know how many referrals you get from a specific organization. Manage Multiple Offices: Isoratec CRM lets you manage many offices for your home health care or hospice agency. See reports per office and know how you are doing even if you are physically away from an office. Make Isoratec yours: White label customization for your company. Isoratec becomes your own custom solution whether you are in home care, home health care or hospice. Import your own logo. Rename any field or label. Integrate easily with EHRs: Our simple file generation will let you import any hospice or home care referrals captured by Isoratec into your own EHR system with a click of a button. Embedded tutorials to help train your marketers: Get your team to learn using isoratec quickly by using the multiple embedded tool tips and videos and save a lot on training. In summary, Isoratec is a CRM specialized for post-acute care providers and uses the same workflow that any home health care or hospice agency uses, making it easy to generate more referrals. It was designed dwelling into more than 24 years of our team’s experience in home health care. Good luck selling your home health care and hospice services!