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Simple CMS data to get doctor referrals

May, 01 2022
As we were building Isoratec, we wanted to obtain the latest, greatest CMS data for our customers.  As with the other systems we wanted to give our customers an in-depth analysis of the referral patterns, ICD codes, and frequency of referrals to home health.  Here’s what we discovered… We already know what kinds of patients doctors refer.  We know that most agencies want…

Sales CRM for Home Health Care

Jan, 14 2022
What is a sales CRM?   A Sales CRM is simply a “Customer Relationship Management” system built for sales departments.  It’s software, usually cloud-based, that is used by home care agencies to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers.  A CRM system lets agencies know what their sales reps are doing, who they are calling on, and what tasks…

How to get home health care referrals using a CRM and smart data

Nov, 21 2021
The pandemic is more or less under control with a gradual return to normality. However, faced with staff shortages which were not foreseen, home health care agencies like other businesses are struggling to manage their current workload, caring for their patients while not losing sight on their marketing efforts to get home bound referrals whether for home health, hospice or home care.   Marketing…

All about the birth of Isoratec CRM

Oct, 06 2021
Successful companies need to appropriately handle many facets of a business such as marketing, sales, quality service, profit margins, cash flow, etc. Post-acute care agencies are no different and their challenge is even bigger as they struggle to find and retain caregivers to deliver their services.   As an international home health and home infusion therapy provider, we understood early on…

Opportunities for Home Based Care

Sep, 08 2021
With thousands of Americans turning 65 every day and a significant number of them having one or two chronic health conditions to manage, the need for home based care is in constant rise.   The challenge is to make the health care experience better for such patients, in terms of both improved outcomes and reduced complexity by ultimately having one company provide the patients with all their needs…

How much of an administrator time is needed to manage a CRM?

Aug, 21 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   EHR, EMR, CRM, ERP, you name it and you’ll find that kind of software in the market!   But how much time and resources can administrators invest in various software and remain productive? Ideally, one software encompassing all aspects of a business would be the perfect tool to subscribe to such as for private duty agencies who offer their…

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