Isoratec review by Tim Rowan

Jul, 15 2020
Tim Rowan reviewed Isoratec CRM following numerous enhancements and new features to improve the productivity of marketers and hence get more referrals to home care gencies. Here is his article.

Data Analytics and home health

Jul, 01 2020
By Tony J. Onaissi A lot has been said about how smart data can give you insights into referring doctors to identify new referral sources for your agency. But what is smart data and how should you be using it to benefit your agency? Smart data is digital information that can be acted upon at the collection point before being sent to a downstream analytics platform for further data consolidation and…

Covid-19 and its impact on home health care and referrals

Mar, 22 2020
The world has been at a standstill since the Covid-19 outbreak went global with a significant number of infected people and associated deaths. Citizens across the globe are confined to their homes, anxious and glued to the news provided by numerous news outlets. Home patient care is surging: As we go through the pandemic, the demand for home health care and home infusion therapy services has undoubtebly…

CRM and CMS physician data​: Keys to agencies’ growth post PDGM

Oct, 05 2019
Home Health agencies have long sought to acquire CMS physician data to identify those physicians who refer post-acute Medicare patients to help grow their census. Such data allows them to identify the exact number of referrals per physician and use that information to deploy their sales forces accordingly. The sales people are a key component in convincing the physician to refer patients…

Using an industry specific CRM :The case for Home Care

Aug, 01 2019
The Challenge Developing a niche CRM requires a profound knowledge of the targeted industry that can only be the result of extensive time spent in targeting referrals for such business, and can’t be just assigned to skilled software engineers asking them to develop such a solution. The challenge is to combine extensive industry experience with a team of talented software developers to create…

Isoratec- Partner with the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA)

Jun, 06 2019
Isoratec® is proud to announce that it has been granted the partner status with the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA)  which is a program designed to to give isoratec® exclusive benefits from FileMaker. The partnership was granted after a thorough vetting by FileMaker to ensure that our programming methodology is up to the highest FileMaker standards. Thank you FileMaker !

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