Isoratec CRM to Get More Home Health Care and Hospice Referrals

Jun, 20 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   In my previous article, we showed how important CRMs are to organize and optimize the sales process of home healthcare and hospice agencies. Simply put, you need a CRM especially if you have a sales team targeting your referral sources for home healthcare such as doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.   That is why in 2018, we decided to build a specialized Customer Relationship Management…

Grow your home health agency with your sales team

Jun, 18 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   According to some figures on the web, many home health agencies are struggling to get enough referrals especially after the pandemic brought the country to a halt.   Proper marketing for home health and time are essential to get back in the driver’s seat. However, there are multiple facets to home health and hospice marketing. Managers should keep testing various…

Building and using your brand pillars

Jun, 15 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   Marketing is the name of the game if you want to get home health care referrals; for without it you will struggle to let people know about your home care or hospice agency. There are many facets to home health marketing that we won’t discuss here, instead we will focus on building brand pillars. To “build” a brand you need solid “pillars” that…

Isoratec: From riding a horse to modern Home Care and CRM

Jun, 10 2021
By Tony. J. Onaissi   I moved to the US from Lebanon to escape war in my home country seeking a higher education degree at Purdue University. I proudly graduated with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering and went on working in the private sector for many years. More than a decade later, I decided to return and help rebuild Lebanon. Inspired by my brother’s work as a physician, I…

Marketing hospice and home health care to generate referrals- Based on 24 years of experience

Jun, 07 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   Are you constantly searching for ways to market your agency to increase your hospice and home care referrals? Normal as the competition is tough and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought things to a halt.   Here are a few marketing ideas for your hospice or home health care business based on running an agency for over 24 years.   Adopt technology:   Adopting the…

Home Infusion Therapy and Home Care: A story of 24 years of caring (video)

Jun, 03 2021
  We were asked by the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) based in Washington DC to present about our 24 years of experience running a post-acute care agency overseas offering multiple services under one roof such as home care, home healthcare and home infusion therapy services. The video tells our home infusion therapy story, experience and highlights its great benefits such as improving…

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