Home Care for Mesothelioma Patients

Apr, 26 2021
Mesothelioma hope What Is Mesothelioma Home Care? Home care for mesothelioma allows professionals to address your health care needs, taking some of the burden off of you and your loved ones. A home caregiver (such as a nurse) can help with daily tasks like getting dressed and even administer some cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Other mesothelioma home care duties may include: - Bathing - Cleaning…

Population Health Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr, 09 2021
By Providertech   Conducting population health management is challenging for most health care entities. Doing it during the COVID-19 pandemic makes it exponentially more difficult. Provider support of chronic care patients has been achieved via telehealth more over the past year than ever before. This is an exciting improvement, but it comes at a price – screenings for both adults and children…

What is a Sales CRM and why is it Important?

Dec, 25 2020
What is a Sales CRM and Why is it Important?   By Tony Onaissi and David Cole   Sometimes you just throw a question into the wind to start a discussion and it blossoms into a full-fledged interactive discussion.  I find when that happens it can result in some brilliant new thinking points and can genuinely help to solve difficult problems.  It can also reveal some pretty shocking…

How and why to choose a CRM for your home care agency

Dec, 08 2020
In today’s very competitive world, agencies should invest in a CRM that is simple to use, secure, affordable, and tailored for agency operations.  Guest article written by David Cole and Tony Onaissi. Published on the Home Care Pulse website.   Technology.  The very sound of the word can send shivers down the spine of a homecare business owner.  For years vendors have been…

Isoratec review by Tim Rowan

Jul, 15 2020
Tim Rowan, Publisher of the Home Care Technology Report took a second review of the HIPAA compliant Isoratec CRM following numerous enhancements and new features to improve the productivity of marketers and hence get more referrals to home care, home healthcare and hospice agencies. Among the new added features are the Grade Card Report that compares how marketers are performing against each other,…

Data Analytics and home health

Jul, 01 2020
By Tony J. Onaissi   A lot has been said about how smart data can give you insights into referring doctors to identify new referral sources for your agency. But what is smart data and how should you be using it to benefit your agency?   Smart data is digital information that can be acted upon at the collection point before being sent to a downstream analytics platform for further data consolidation…

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