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Review of pre-release version of Isoratec CRM by Tim Rowan

May, 18 2018
Tim Rowan, Publisher of the Home Care Technology Report reviewed the pre-release version of Isoratec CRM that is designed for home care, home healthcare, hospice and home infusion agencies. The sales workflow of Isoratec is the same as the one that agencies follow by having marketers contact multiple referral sources (physicians, SNFs, ALFs, case managers, etc.) asking them to refer to their agency.…
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PHA 2018 annual conference

Apr, 26 2018
The Isoratec® team was pleased to attend the Pennsylvania Homecare Association 2018 annual expo that was held in Pittsburgh. Many visitors dropped by our booth enquiring about our solution as they were eager to have an insight in the sales process of their agencies, hoping to increase their referrals. We explained the main benefits and features of Isoratec, how it could help them reach…

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