Referral Sources to Grow your Home Care Agency

Aug, 01 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   The Home Care business is a challenging one because it depends primarily on finding and retaining qualified caregivers as baby boomers grow older and require some form of home assistance in their daily living.   Other than finding, training and retaining the right people to provide quality home care services, where do agencies look to grow their business? How do they…

Tips to grow your home care agency

Jul, 23 2021
(Based on 24 years of experience)   By Tony J. Onaissi   To all new starters here are some important tips to succeed in your home care business, based on my personal experience of running a multi-disciplinary post-acute business for more than 24 years. Our services range from home care, to home health care and home infusion therapy.   Hire and retain caregivers:   Make sure that…

The importance of a CRM mobile app to grow your Home Care agency

Jul, 20 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   We have been writing about the importance of a CRM to grow any business and in particular home health and hospice where no direct “sale” is made by the marketers. Instead, their approach is a pre-sale approach as they visit the referral sources asking them to refer patients for home care, hoping that the office will close that sale.   A good CRM should come…

Maximizing the use of your CRM to get more referrals

Jul, 13 2021
By Tony J. Onaissi   Technology is the buzzword in any business! We should all get at least some form of it to increase our agency’s efficiency and performance, right? But what if you subscribe to a software solution and find yourself always pressuring your team to use it? Constant pressure by itself is negative and counterproductive.   Here is what I learned managing a home health,…

The benefits of home infusion therapy

Jul, 04 2021
By Tony. J. Onaissi   Back in the early 20th century my grandpa who was a doctor used to ride his horse going from one house to another, to care for his patients. Inspired by my brother who is also a physician we started a Home Infusion Therapy service to care for patients in their homes, offering them a choice over the traditional hospital treatment.   The beginning was difficult because…

Why Isoratec CRM is a game changer

Jul, 03 2021
By Tony. J. Onaissi   To succeed in sales, you need to nurture your relationships with referral sources and ensure a pleasant two-way communication. This is why having a sales CRM as part of your operations is needed.   As a home health and private duty owner for over 24 years, I spent quite some time searching for an efficient and affordable CRM for our infield marketers that would…

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