With thousands of Americans turning 65 every day and a significant number of them having one or two chronic health conditions to manage, the need for home based care is in constant rise.

The challenge is to make the health care experience better for such patients, in terms of both improved outcomes and reduced complexity by ultimately having one company provide the patients with all their needs from caregiving to home infusion therapy, food and companionship.

This will undoubtedly improve the patient’s health outcome, reduce costly hospital admissions and significantly improve the patients’ quality of life as there is no better place than home, especially when someone is experiencing health related problems.  

Currently, most patients and/or their loved ones rely on multiple sources to provide their needed services because the market is still very fragmented. This implies varying levels of service quality, multiple bills and time to manage the various service providers, compared to having one provider offering all the services and hence one bill and one reference to go to when needed.  

Humana has used machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help answer some of these challenges, such as delivering meals to patients’ homes and has partnered with other providers to offer much needed services to their customers.