Isoratec® is proud to announce the release of its international version where all fields and labels can be translated to the desired language. Also, databases (such as country, regions, cities, counties, etc..) can be imported so that contacts and leads have a local address in the selected country. Another important feature allows management to select a desired language per user. This can be very useful in multi-cultural cities.

Stay tuned for more functionalities, making Isoratec CRM the number one choice to efficiently and swiftly grow your agency.

About Isoratec CRM:

Isoratec CRM is a new customer relationship management system built specifically for the US healthcare market and adapted to international requirements.  Isoratec CRM offers all of the traditional tools and features found in other CRMs, plus adds many benefits not found in other CRM systems, and offers it at prices significantly less than competitors.

Some of its benefits include:

– Free CMS referral data

– PDGM specialty referral forms

– Mobile tracker to know where your reps went

– Grade card report shows how your reps compare against each other

– Single, comprehensive expense report

– Customization of fields and labels