We have been writing about the importance of a CRM to grow any business and in particular home health and hospice where no direct “sale” is made by the marketers. Instead, their approach is a pre-sale approach as they visit the referral sources asking them to refer patients for home care, hoping that the office will close that sale.

A good CRM should come with a desktop version for management to oversee the sales process at any given time and a mobile version for sales people to easily enter their tasks and their outcome. Our focus will be on the mobile app part. 

The basics of a mobile app:

A CRM mobile app should be a simplified version of the desktop solution allowing the marketers to easily navigate it to add new referral sources on the go and conduct new or follow up tasks.

The Isoratec mobile app:

Following our 24 years of experience managing a home health and home infusion therapy agency, we chose to add useful and easy to use features for home health agencies. In addition to the basics of a CRM mobile app, Isoratec’s mobile app named “Isoratec GO” comes with the following benefits:

– Works offline which is ideal for remote areas or if the user is in a place without internet such as a basement. The GO works without internet and only needs a connection to transfer the day’s workload to the server by syncing once or twice a day. The GO takes care of a required continuous connection to work, hence enhancing productivity.

– Shows on Google Maps the closest referral sources to the contact that is being visited in order to increase travel efficiency, therefore saving you on mileage expenses and improving the productivity of your marketers. After all, time is money!

– Captures all expenses by taking photos of receipts and entering the spent amount on any reimbursable amount. Furthermore, the GO comes with an app tracker that uses GPS and Google Maps to locate the traveled path of your rep as he/she goes from one referral source to another. In addition, it automatically computes the exact mileage expense for each trip and displays all expenses in one report for management to view. This feature is a big money saver as mileage expenses are often over reported adding unnecessary costs to the agency’s operation. 

– Uses PDGM compliant admission forms in order to capture the necessary information that is required by Medicare to optimize the agency’s reimbursement or to simply collect enough information about a patient needing home care services.

– Displays the commissions (if you pay them) earned by each rep in real-time, enticing the marketer to generate more hospice or home health care referrals to earn more.

– Shows the current month “Grade Card Report” allowing management and marketers to know how the reps compare against each other, hence starting a healthy inter-office competition that will ultimately benefit the agency.

– Accesses the metrics of all referral sources that are assigned to a marketer allowing your reps to see at a glance where they stand at any given moment in the sales funnel related to each contact.

The above features represent the main benefits that the GO provides for enhanced productivity and savings on travel expenses while keeping management on top of the sales process, helping in your efforts to achieve growth and happiness in your own endeavors.  

Good luck selling!

Tony J. Onaissi is the founder and CEO of Isoratec, a home care technology company, and of Home Care Lebanon, a home health and home infusion business he founded in 1998. Contact Isoratec about CRM software at https://www.isoratec.com/