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May, 18 2018

Tim Rowan, Publisher of the Home Care Technology Report reviewed the pre-release version of Isoratec CRM that is designed for home care, home healthcare, hospice and home infusion agencies. The sales workflow of Isoratec is the same as the one that agencies follow by having marketers contact multiple referral sources (physicians, SNFs, ALFs, case managers, etc.) asking them to refer to their agency.


Listed below are some of its features:

- Import your existing database of referral contacts and their history

Assign representatives to specific hospitals and physicians

Organize appointments and tasks

Record visit outcomes and view on a single dashboard

Expense management

Locate users with GPS

Calculate commissions and track referrals per sales person

- Customize the embedded help function

Assign different access rights to each user


Our developers focused on creating a specialized, simple and powerful CRM that agencies can afford having.


Isoratec is an indispensable tool to grow an agency quickly and efficiently.  We are pleased to publish Isoratec's review by Tim Rowan.


"We found that it lives up to its claim to be simple yet powerful" says Rowan.