Sales is what makes your agency’s engine run and is key to grow your hospice or home health agency. It requires some investment that should not exceed 5% of your revenue. According to your yearly marketing and sales budget you should consider some or all of the following means to grow your agency:

 A modern website: Make it pleasant, clear and simple. Here is our Home Infusion and Home Health site as an example. Add meaningful content, pictures and videos when possible. Good SEO Ranking: Nowadays a lot of customer requests come through search engines such as Google, Bing and others. You want to do all you can to appear on the 1st page of a search engine for a given key word that your prospect is searching for. To increase your chances of a high ranking make sure that your website is not hurting you technically with Google ( can be of great help, so is subscribing to their website’s newsletter). Also, write articles of interest and make sure to include in your text the key words that you think your prospects will use during their search for a care at home service. AdWords of Google: This is a pay per click feature offered by Google and may require some professional help to have it set up properly for maximum exposure in your area. Watch it closely as it may quickly eat up your budget. From my experience, prospects tend to me more serious buyers when they click on a website that is not advertised for. Social Media: Post regularly on social media, at least once a week. It’s free. Make sure that your posts have pictures or videos attached to them and text that is of interest to your target audience. Join social media groups (such as a home health care group). Do not hesitate to share with your readers some of your knowledge. Marketers: Hire home care marketers for your agency who would knock on doors to promote your agency’s services. This is probably your most expensive “sales” investment. Make sure that your sales reps are energetic, honest and motivated. Give them financial incentives for every referral they bring and pay them an extra month if they meet or exceed their yearly sales target. Keep a close eye on their daily field activities with a specialized sales CRM. Trust them but verify! Here is an article I just wrote about President Reagan’s famous “trust but verify” proverb as he was negotiating disarmament with the Soviets. . It applies to sales people in the home health and hospice space. Good luck growing! About the author Antoine (Tony) Onaissi is the president and CEO of Isoratec, a CRM combined with business intelligence for the post-acute care industry.  Utilizing more than 25 years of home care experience he created Isoratec to be the ideal solution for agencies serving the home care market.  Tony can be reached at