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Aug, 01 2019
  • The Challenge

Developing a niche CRM requires a profound knowledge of the targeted industry that can only be the result of extensive time spent in targeting referrals for such business, and can’t be just assigned to skilled software engineers asking them to develop such a solution.

The challenge is to combine extensive industry experience with a team of talented software developers to create an efficient and easy to use solution, hence eliminating the usual complexities that come within a software such as multiple buttons, vivid colors,... All the user needs is the shortest and simplest path to drive sales within an organization.

  • The Outcome

Simplicity is the direct result of a properly designed CRM for a specific niche, in our case assisted living and post-acute care providers. This automatically reduces the multitude of buttons and other tools needed to take into account all the possibilities and options associated with a “multiple industry” solution.

A specialized CRM manages the entire process of targeting leads and prospects to turning them into actual referrals in the specific workflow of the assisted living and post-acute care industry. As such, the manager can easily follow the sales team’s efforts and monitor real-time information, hence boosting the team’s performance as it is being watched by the management at any time. On the other hand, the sales team follows a unique, simple and efficient process of reporting outcomes, while using a fun to use application that allows the team members to know, in real time, when a referral comes through and hence their earned commission on the go.

A talented and experienced team of developers are also key in developing a CRM as they need to translate the industry’s experience in an easy, efficient, modern and pleasing software and app that when combined, will encourage the entire team to properly use the solution and significantly increase sales.

Last but not least, the need to develop a flexible CRM that adapts to any language per user is a necessity. As such, a smart and modern CRM should allow to customize the language for each user so that no one is left out.

  • The Benefits

Significantly improved, streamlined and simplified processes are the primary benefits reaped when using a properly designed solution. As such, sales should improve substantially due to real time information trickling in, a uniform approach adopted by all users and simple reports and dashboards displaying key, non-complex data, allowing managers to take the appropriate decision(s).Furthermore, management can access the solution from anywhere which is mandatory in today’s business environment.

Given all of the above, adopting an industry specific CRM is key to properly manage the sales of an organization.

A successful solution should be simple, powerful and affordable.


Antoine (Tony) Onaissi

President & CEO at Isoratec Corp.