To succeed in sales, you need to nurture your relationships with referral sources and ensure a pleasant two-way communication. This is why having a sales CRM as part of your operations is needed.

As a home health and private duty owner for over 24 years, I spent quite some time searching for an efficient and affordable CRM for our infield marketers that would also grant our sales manager a direct and live insight into all sales activities. I found that most CRMs were either not specialized in our space or specialized but out of budget reach. This enticed me to create our own specialized Isoratec CRM for home health care and hospice and make it available to all home health agencies at an affordable subscription fee.

CRM software is a sales and marketing tool used by thousands of companies worldwide to drive revenue. In fact, CRM is now expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025 as reported here and mobile CRM has seen a significant rise in users because it increases the productivity of the infield workforce.

Going back to our cloud-based CRM solution, Isoratec’s name was derived from the Isora cliffs in the Canary Islands of Spain where I spent many holidays with my wife and two daughters, and it symbolizes unlimited heights to reach. It is comprised of two apps: Desktop and Mobile.

The Desktop app:

Through it, all features to manage the sales process are included such as entering contacts, overseeing the schedule of all tasks by sales people, tracking the sales person’s traveled path via Google Maps and GPS, sending emails to market your home care agency, grading the performance of each rep and much more. Medicare Physician referral data is also included at no additional cost for your marketers to target their referral sources. The desktop app is designed for management to oversee all sales activities.

The Mobile app:

The mobile app is designed for the sales people and is a simplified version of the desktop app, with all features to enhance the home health marketers’ productivity to get you more referrals. Features such as adding new referral sources on the go, locating nearby contacts through GPS, PDGM compliant referral forms to ensure optimized reimbursement, sending emails to contacts, using the app tracker to display the exact traveled miles and their cost and more are included. The mobile app is for sales people and comes as an IOS app. A new web app working on any phone will soon be released.

Furthermore, we embedded multiple tooltips across the solution to make the learning process fast and easy, hence saving substantial amounts in training and onboarding time.

Why is it a game changer?

For all the above reasons, we truly believe that Isoratec CRM is a game changer in that it offers a reasonably priced,  sophisticated, and complete CRM tool along with a mobile app, all to let small and medium sized agencies efficiently manage their work force and grow their home health care referrals. Had it not been for Isoratec CRM, the choices would have been to avoid subscribing to a specialized CRM because of prohibitive prices or to subscribe to a generic CRM that lacks the understanding of the unique requirements of post-acute care providers, hence making a subscription expensive because of its low ROI.

Finally, we’re proud to have provided an affordable and powerful alternative to home health, home infusion therapy and hospice agencies at a time where growth and cost reductions are crucial to restart businesses following the devastating effect of the pandemic.

Tony J. Onaissi is the founder and CEO of Isoratec, a home care technology company, and of Home Care Lebanon, a home health and home infusion business he founded in 1997. Contact Isoratec about CRM software at