Features to grow

Business intelligence
Target your marketing at no cost with your annual contract! We provide only the CMS physician claims data your reps need so that you save a lot on money, spend less on analytics, realize more “selling” time, which results in more revenue!
Intake Referral Forms
Use our home care and PDGM compliant intake referral forms to ensure that your home care, home health and hospice marketers gather the required patient information
Free E-Mail Marketing
Send targeted e-mails with attachments to all your referral sources at once. Stop wasting your money on email marketing software!
Mileage Tracker
Save on mileage expenses. Get our off-line enabled mobile app and track your marketers routes. Know the exact traveled distances and see the closest referral sources to optimize travel routes
Sales Report Card
Grade your home care marketers on multiple metrics, know how they compare one to another and improve their performance. Ignite your revenue and increase referrals
Contacts Management
Import, add, and manage contacts. Attach forecasts, organize appointments & tasks. Organize your marketing and optimize your referral strategy
Relationship Management
Set parent-child relationships between your contacts. Link doctors to a hospital. Know all patient referrals from that hospital and per doctor specialty
Automatic Commissions
Calculate your marketers commissions based on patient referrals or on generated revenue. Share it with them and watch your referrals skyrocket!
Organized Oversight
Manage multiple offices. Track travel costs, general expenses, and performance all from a centralized interface. Get reports per office
Embedded Tutorials
Get new marketers up and running faster with the help of our tool tips and embedded videos. Save tons on training!
Custom Branding
White label customization for your company. Isoratec becomes your own custom solution whether you are in home care, home health care or hospice
Software Integration
Convert your home care and hospice referrals to a simple Excel file and import it into your EHR software. Decide if your sales people can export referrals or if you want to retain control over exports

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