The Isoratec® Edge — Simplicity is Power

Medicare claims data
Use Medicare claims data to identify new referral sources.Get valuable insight into doctors and agencies. Our competitors charge many times our entire user fee, just for access to "smarter and more up-to-date data".
All-in-One Calendar
Import / add & manage contacts, attach sales forecasts, organize appointments & tasks, scale the viewport via day/week/month/year.
EHR integration
...with a simple file exchange! Just import an Excel or .csv file to sync sales information and provide your reps with the credit they deserve. Should you want completely seamless simplicity, our developers can provide full software integration on a case-by-case basis.
E-mail Marketing
Send media rich messages to individuals, groups, or your entire contact list.
iOS App
Give your sales reps on-the-go, full-function capabilities using our offline enabled mobile application with GPS and Google Maps integration. (Android device support coming soon!). Let them dictate their text.
Relationship Management
Designate parent-child relationships between contacts and institutions. Assign specific representatives to hospitals, physicians, and various referral sources.
Automatic Commissions
Calculate incentive capable commissions, travel expenses, and track referrals per sales representative.
Organized Oversight
Manage disparate offices using travel, expense, performance, and travel reports—all from a centralized interface.
Dashboard View
Review visit outcomes and data summaries in a single window.
Users can select their preferred language, automatically translating the entire interface, including entry fields & labels. Edit any label to meet your needs.
Maintain Control
- Specify individual access privileges - Track employee vacation and sick days - One-click contacts transfer between sales reps.
Custom Branding
Import your agency logo, select fonts and colors.
Sales Report Card
Drive your sales team’s competitive success with a fully customizable grading system.
Embedded Tutorials
View explanatory videos and receive tooltips.

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