iOS Mobile App Tracker
Sleek, simple and fun to use by your mobile team, our iOS app will let you track your sales people through GPS and Google maps and much more. Know where your team went. Works offline when there is no internet.
All in one Calendar
Add and manage contacts, follow up on them, enter their sales forecast, create repetitive tasks, filter by marketer, view all activities per month/week/day.
Access CMS data
Use our simple access to CMS data and learn about the busiest doctor(s) in your area or about the revenues of the busiest agencies near you.
Language & Labels
Select the language, edit all labels and fields on your device's screen as desired and per user. Set it up the way you like it.
Direct E-mail Marketing
Send an email to your contact or send great-looking emails to all or some of your contacts from within Isoratec. Save on emails subscriptions.
Compute Instant Commissons
Choose from many scenarios to set the commissions to be earned by your sales team.
Offices/Franchises & Reports
Manage multiple offices and/or franchises and measure their performance separately. Use our easy reports to understand trends and then decide.
Nearby Contacts
Let your sales reps locate the nearest contacts through GPS and Google.Optimize their trips.
Enjoy our multiple videos and tool tips embedded in the solution to make it easy for you. Edit your help section.Save on training.

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