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Apr, 13 2022

Whether for pleasure, extra cash or just something to pass the days of retirement, many seniors are going back to work. If you’re looking to join them, this blog will offer tips for your job hunt along with dozens of examples for your next position.


The best jobs for seniors (with 30+ examples) ·

Mar, 05 2022

Mc Kinsey & Company:

Good news for patients, payers, technology companies and Care at Home providers as the Pandemic seems to have accelerated the shift towards home-based care where the patient feels best and the costs are significantly lower.
More education and higher reimbursement are needed to encourage physicians and healthcare facilities to adopt the Care at Home model.

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Mar, 02 2022

Many people find that it gets harder to lose weight or keep the pounds off as they get older. There are many reasons for this. Some are scientific while others are lifestyle-related.

However, research shows that we tend to gain one to two pounds per year 1. While this may not seem like a lot, it can lead to significant weight gain and even obesity over time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines obesity in adults as having a body mass index of 30.0 or more. In 2017–2018, the prevalence of obesity in the United States was 40.0% among adults aged 20 to 39, 44.8% among those aged 40 to 59, and 42.8% among people aged 60 and over.

Of course, weight is influenced by several factors including genetics, diet, and level of physical activity. Therefore, not everyone becomes overweight as they get older.

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Feb, 26 2022

Patient engagement initiatives are a dime a dozen across healthcare organizations. From patient advisory groups and patient-centered portals to social media outlets and secure messaging, healthcare organizations understand that it’s important to get patients involved in their care. Studies prove that engaged patients result in better outcomes, lower costs, and a higher quality of life.

2017 Deloitte survey revealed that while most healthcare organizations have patient engagement programs, nearly 50% felt they were only moderately or not at all mature. Read the full article here.

Feb, 26 2022

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